Chapter 66
Kanji N/A
English N/A
Novel Chapter Kitto MA
Page Count 33
Release Date February 24, 2011
Asuka Volume April 2011
Manga Volume Volume 12
Previous Chapter Chapter 65
Next Chapter Chapter 67


Front Cover of April Asuka

Yuuri uses his powers to manipulate the tea. He then uses the tea to wash everyone out of the room. Adalbert wonders how Yuuri was able to use his Maryoku so far from mazoku land and sees that the tea came from Kikar, a country next to Shin Makoku, so it must have had some of the particles that respond to maryoku in it.

Gunter awakens outside of his body and Anissina explains that she put his soul into an okiku doll while his body is in suspended animation.

Yuuri awakes back in the room and talks to Adalbert about the necklace. Adalbert comments that the stone has become Yuuri's color and Yuuri says it's always been that way but Adalbert say it used to be more white. Adalbert then throws maxine out the window and jumps out after him. Some men with the guns that shot at Conrad come into the room and Yuuri becomes upset again and starts to use his powers.

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