Chapter 65
Kanji N/A
English N/A
Novel Chapter Kitto MA
Page Count 32
Release Date January 24, 2011
Asuka Volume March 2011
Manga Volume Volume 12
Previous Chapter Chapter 64
Next Chapter Chapter 66

Norman Gilbit takes off his mask, revealing him to actually be Flynn Gilbit. Flynn explains Norman died and that there were no heirs and as a woman she couldn't take over his job and so the country would have been dissolved and merged into Small Shimaron if she hadn't disguised herself as him. Maxine asks for the Wincott poison and threatens a maid with some wire. Yuuri tries to save her and Murata jumps in to help and Maxine pushes him back onto the floor, and making one of his contacts fall out. Seeing this Yuuri gets upset and uses his powers.

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