Chapter 64
Kanji N/A
English N/A
Novel Chapter Kitto MA
Page Count 20
Release Date December 24, 2010
Asuka Volume February 2011
Manga Volume Volume 11
Previous Chapter Chapter 63
Next Chapter Chapter 65

Some guards catch Yuuri and Murata outside of the palace and question them. They notice the necklace around Yuuri's neck and note that it has the Wincott symbol inside of it. They assume he has something to do with Wincott and bring them into the palace.

Yuuri and Murata meet with Norman Gilbit(Flynn Gilbit in disguise). He wears a mask and cannot talk because of an accident so his butler speaks for him. The butler tells a story of how the Wincotts used to rule this land but they became corrupt and the humans drove them off. Murata doesn't believe it but just then Adalbert von Grantz comes in with Maxine and says it's lies and asks to speak to Norman about their treaty with Small Shimaron. The want to speak to Norman directly and have him take off his mask.

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