Chapter 62
Kanji N/A
English N/A
Novel Chapter Kitto MA
Page Count 32
Release Date October 24, 2010
Asuka Volume December 2010
Manga Volume Volume 11
Previous Chapter Chapter 61
Next Chapter Chapter 63

Yuuri and Murata awake on a beach. They don't know where they are but Murata thinks it's a foreign country. Yuuri remembers what happened to Conrad and is upset. Murata sees a girl and they try to talk to her but she sees Yuuri is a soukoku and runs away Yuuri then realizes they are on the other world and hides his hair under a hat.

Anissina has put Günter's body into suspended animation to stop the poison in his body.

Yuuri and Murata continue wandering around trying to figure out where they are and they see an old woman with big muscles. She tells them they are in the south port of Caloria. Murata talks to the woman and Yuuri realizes he can understand what she's saying and so Yuuri asks why and Murata explains that it's similar to German.

They think it's weird that there are only well built old people in the town and the lady explains that all the young people are getting ready for a war with the mazoku.

Wolfram goes to see Ulrike with Gisela to find out what happened to Yuuri. Ulrike says that something interfered when she was sending him back and she lost him.

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