Chapter 61
Kanji N/A
English N/A
Novel Chapter Kitto MA
Anime Episode 27
Page Count 28
Release Date September 24, 2010
Asuka Volume November 2010
Manga Volume Volume 11
Previous Chapter Chapter 60
Next Chapter Chapter 62

Conrad tells Yuuri to go through the painting but just then some bad guys break into the church. Yuuri is shocked to find they have weapons similar to guns. Conrad tells Yuuri to hurry through the painting but a bad guy comes and tries to attack him and so Conrad protects him and Conrads arm is cut off. Yuuri is shocked but there is an explosion which forces Yuuri through the painting.

Later Gwendal and Wolfram arrive at the church and find Günter and Greta. Gwendal asks Greta what happened and she explains that Günter was shot with an arrow and that Yuuri was to be transported back to Earth through the painting but there was an explosion and she doesn't know if Conrad of Yuuri are alive. Some soldiers then find Conrad's arm and Gwendal gives Wolfram the button off of the arm.

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