Chapter 60
Kanji N/A
English N/A
Novel Chapter Kitto MA
Anime Episode 27
Page Count 24
Release Date August 24, 2010
Asuka Volume October 2010
Manga Volume Volume 11
Previous Chapter Chapter 59
Next Chapter Chapter 61

As they travel to a place for Yuuri to travel back to Earth from Günter is shot with an arrow. Conrad insists he's not dead and forces Yuuri to continue on to the church up ahead. When they reach the church Greta is confused because it isn't a human church like she's used to but a mazoku church. Yuuri is worried about Günter but Conrad continues to insist that he will be fine. Greta sees a picture of Shinou and says it looks like Wolfram but Yuuri is confused because he can't see anyone in the picture. Conrad splashes water on the picture and tells Yuuri to travel back to Earth through it.

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