Chapter 59
Kanji N/A
English N/A
Novel Chapter Kitto MA
Anime Episode 27
Page Count 27
Release Date July 24, 2010
Asuka Volume September 2010
Manga Volume Volume 11
Previous Chapter Chapter 58
Next Chapter Chapter 60

Yuuri and Murata are working at a beach house for the summer. Some girls come up asking them to get the one girls bikini top that had drifted into a cave. Yuuri goes into the cave to get it but as soon as he gets it he is sucked into the other world. When he arrives in the other world he comes out in a beer barrel in a store. Soon Günter, Conrad, and Greta come to get him. They explain that they didn't actually call Yuuri here this time that some other magical force brought him to the other world. They are in an emergency situation since Big Shimaron has gotten their hands on the forbidden box, End of Wind. They want to send Yuuri back to Earth as soon as possible.

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