Kore ga Mateki da!
Kanji これが魔笛だ!
English So This is the Demon Flute!
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Page Count 24
Release Date March 24, 2008
Asuka Volume May 2008
Manga Volume Volume 6
Previous Chapter Chapter 32
Next Chapter Chapter 34

Norika thanks Yuuri for saving Malta's baby and for chastising the higher powers. Yuuri hadn't realized he went into Ue-sama mode. Yuuri then realizes his contacts are gone and is surprised to find that Norika isn't afraid of him. Instead, she finds his eyes clear and beautiful and mentions that "he" saw them in a portrait once in the capital, but she only explains that he was a mazoku.

Yuuri asks Conrad what happened to the prisoners. He says that they've all been set free, living and dead. The soldiers had all vacated. Conrad also mentions that there are 14 women who wish to see their husbands' homeland and Yuuri suggests that those women come back to Shin Makoku with them.

From the hole that Norika is digging, Yuuri spots something that looks like a tube - not bones or remains that she was expecting to find of her buried child from 10 years ago. Yuuri assembles it with the piece of flute that he received previously and realizes that the soprano recorder type item is the Mateki. He plays a brief note, and is upset that it sounds like a normal recorder. Conrad is impressed but also asks where he got the other parts. Yuuri says he got them from Nicola, whom Conrad states has been traveling with him. Yuuri then realizes that Hube had taken the child and buried the flute instead and that the man and child they met in the city were really Norika's father and child.

On the journey back to Shin Makoku with the women, Nicola teases Yuuri, asking if he'd prefer the older or younger brother, enraging Wolfram. Yuuri seeks safety with Conrad, whom says he got a scolding from Gwendal for the calluses on his hands and wondered what Conrad was teaching him. Yuuri talks about how Gwendal isn't too bad and how Conrad should spend some time with him.

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