Kanji 逆鱗
English Royal Wrath
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Page Count 24
Release Date February 24, 2008
Asuka Volume April 2008
Manga Volume Volume 6
Previous Chapter Chapter 31
Next Chapter Chapter 33

As Wolfram and Conrad get to the mines, Yuuri has gone into full Ue-sama form. Yuuri is lecturing the man with a white mohawk for his treatment of the women and how they bury babies born of the love between the separated men and women alive. Yuuri creates people from the dirt and they head towards the local soldiers at the mine. Conrad comments that Yuuri learned a lot from action heroes on TV from the appearance of the dirt golems. Before Wolfram and Conrad can come up with a way to stop Yuuri, Gwendal comes riding in and confronts him directly. Because of Gwendal's loyalty, Yuuri closes the matter and falls unconscious.

When Yuuri awakens, he sees Wolfram, who's angry and wants Yuuri to realize how worried he was. Yuuri calms him down by saying he was equally worried about Wolfram. Yuuri finds Conrad who's watching a woman dig up the ground with her bare hands. It's Norika, who's looking for her buried child.  Conrad says that he and Josak were lucky and that this place is essentially a graveyard for women and children who shared a terrible fate.

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