Saikutsujou de...
Kanji 採掘場で…
English At the Mines...
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Page Count 32
Release Date January 24, 2008
Asuka Volume March 2008
Manga Volume Volume 6
Previous Chapter Chapter 30
Next Chapter Chapter 32

Nicola continues to make the situation worse for Wolfram and Conrad by explaining how well they were getting along and that they had false names. Conrad asked if she knew where they went and she told them they would be sent to the gathering place.

Yuuri wakes up in an unknown place to find himself surrounded by women. Since his "lover" was a man, he was sent to the mines where only women work. One of the women, Norika, explains some things to "Tweedle-dee" (Yuuri). She said that his lover must have truly loved him since he didn't turn on him and went to prison, although Yuuri knows that's not quite the case.

Outside, Yuuri reflects that it's a labor camp and is put to work. After some time, he's called into the office to meet with Togurikoru. He lets his son, Nero, play with Yuuri, but Yuuri's made to act like a horse and Nero rides him around. They see men burying something and he tells Yuuri that it's a baby graveyard. The babies are born to the wrong kind of women and don't deserve graves, so his father is compassionate enough to give them one. Those women trick men, so the babies aren't needed. This angers Yuuri who gets angry and tells Nero to say those exact words to his mother or cooks until someone tells him it's wrong.

Norika comes out saying that the baby should still be alive and when Togurikoru comes out to see what the commotion is he says that whether the baby is alive or dead it's the same but Yuuri says it's different and after a distraction from the child's mother, he rushes the soldiers to grab the baby. The baby is still warm, but has many awful bruises. Yuuri's anger starts to rise to a boil.

Conrad and Wolfram evaluate the women's camp and Conrad inquires on how Wolfram is holding up, both with the houseki and with Yuuri/Gwendal. Conrad continues to believe it's a misunderstanding and Wolfram denies that he's worried about it. He was more concerned with Conrad saving Nicola, since she was involved with Hube and says that he's the reason that Conrad isn't the lord of von Wincott. Conrad downplays Wolfram's arguments and continues to say he wants to do what he thinks Yuuri would do. Before they can re-evaluate the map, they feel an earthquake.

Yuuri has gone into Ue-sama form, his contacts popping out of his eyes. Conrad comments that the shaking they feel is maryoku.

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