Kanji 決着!
English Get things settled!
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 7
Page Count 32
Release Date April 24, 2007
Asuka Volume June 2007
Manga Volume Volume 4
Previous Chapter Chapter 21
Next Chapter Chapter 23


Cover of June Asuka

Everyone questions Yuuri's decision with the stone, especially Josak. Yuuri assigned him the task with the expectation he would do what was best for Shin Makoku.

Everyone has returned to Gwendal's castle, where Günter inspects Morgif. He reads an inscription on the back and Günter was impressed with how Yuuri heard the words just by holding the sword without reading them. Yuuri, worried about an arms race, asks for a favor. Günter says that they will leak the information that they did not acquire the demon sword so that other countries will think that they failed.

During the welcome home celebration, Günter gives word about a possible audience with Cavalcade. It turns out that Hyscliff is the eldest son of Cavalcade's king, but had abdicated his throne. With his brother deceased, Beatrice is next in line to the throne. Conrad makes a joke about her falling in love with Yuuri at first sight, which sends Günter into a panic.

Finally, Yuuri can sleep in a bed that isn't moving, but as he undresses for a bath, he finds Wolfram already in his bed. Wolfram declares that it's a tryst, and nearly pins Yuuri down, but he escapes into the bathroom where he bumps into the bath tub, falling in and returning to the local bathhouse in his town. Murata again comments on his bikini underwear but they head out to a baseball game.

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