For the Team
Kanji フォア・ザ・チーム
English For the team
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 7
Page Count 28
Release Date March 24, 2007
Asuka Volume May 2007
Manga Volume Volume 4
Previous Chapter Chapter 20
Next Chapter Chapter 22


Cover of May Asuka

Conrad and Josak argue about manipulation of Yuuri's actions behind the scenes and getting him involved with the tournament. Yuuri's eavesdropping, and doesn't dare interrupt. Once he hears the footsteps coming closer, Yuuri runs off thinking that no one respects him at all. Conrad threatens Josak for putting Yuuri in danger. Josak ends stating that Yuuri has all the power he needs without support or Morgif and Conrad says that Yuuri is the only one that doesn't realize that.

Yuuri and Conrad go jogging on the beach at night to get Yuuri's mind and body energized. They talk about Yuuri quitting baseball and the circumstances that led him to get kicked off the team. He wasn't sure if punching the coach was really for the underclassman or for himself as an excuse. Yuuri then compares the old situation to the current one with Morgif. He wants to leave the sword on the island to prevent an arms race between all the countries. Before they can come to any sort of conclusion, Wolfram finds them and accuses them of snuggling on the beach.

Returning to the house, they find Celi with the sword and a jewel that fell off of Morgif's face after she dropped it because it bit her. Yuuri hears words in his head again, and realizes they're Morgif's. Morgif said that even if he loses his jewel and becomes a normal sword, he wanted to stay by Yuuri's side. The chapter ends with Yuuri giving the stone to Josak to bury where no one would ever find it.

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