Maken, Hatsudou!?
Kanji 魔剣、発動!?
English Demon Sword, Activate?!
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 7
Page Count 32
Release Date February 24, 2007
Asuka Volume April 2007
Manga Volume Volume 4
Previous Chapter Chapter 19
Next Chapter Chapter 21

Yuuri tries to reason with Rick, but Rick explains how he was with pirates as long as he could remember and wanted to be captain of his own pirate ship. He continues to attack Yuuri, who blocks as much as possible. He hears a voice saying that they should do their best and Yuuri takes a baseball stance. He knocks Rick over and the crowd chants for Yuuri to kill him and Rick also pleaded with Yuuri to kill him. Yuuri says how if they hold out, Rick will get a fair trial and he can start over, but an arrow was shot into Rick's back.

Yuuri gets angry, a man in the stands has a heart attack and his soul somehow ends up being eaten by Morgif. Morgif is activated by the old man's soul and spouts out a lot of energy. The crowd panics and runs away and Conrad finds Yuuri in the confusion and asks what was going on. Conrad helps him point the sword toward the ground and Yuuri again hears a voice. The voice identifies itself as Morgif's and Yuuri's able to calm the sword.

Yuuri goes to give the prize money to the woman that spoke to him earlier but she refuses it and vows that the humans will make a better weapon than the sword. Conrad explains that his father was also a human and lived to be 88.

Celi then calls out to Yuuri, who decided to stop by for the festival while on her Free Love excursion. She had Chevalier investigate and they met up with Wolfram. While Celi is inquiring with Yuuri about his relationship with Wolfram, Conrad grabs Josak by the collar and inquires as to what he was doing.

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