Maken Kakutoku!!
Kanji 魔剣獲得!!
English Maken acquired!!
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 6
Page Count 30
Release Date November 24, 2006
Asuka Volume January 2007
Manga Volume Volume 3
Previous Chapter Chapter 17
Next Chapter Chapter 19

Yuuri goes back into the cave to get Morgif and once again gets bitten. Once he starts thinking of Morgif as a living thing instead of a sword, he manages to gather the courage to pull it out of the water. He's a little surprised to hear it talk, but it seemed to make sense.  As he left the cave, he found Conrad waiting for him. Yuuri knew he'd be smiling even if he couldn't see his face in the dark. Yuuri's hopeful that his approval ratings are going up and Conrad informs Yuuri that Gwendal couldn't possibly hate him - because Gwendal likes cute things, much to Yuuri's surprise.

Back at Gwendal's castle, Günter is still doing strange fortune telling things - this time with a mountain of peppers instead of kittens. Either way, the castle is once again full of an awful stench and Gwendal's left exasperated from Günter's ramblings.

Back at the inn in Van da Via, they discuss ways to feed Morgif life force and decide to go to clinics and hospitals. Even the critically ill seemed to get better because of the "Angel of Love," Wolfram. Left without good options, they go to a private house they rented in town to think of something else. Yuuri and Wolfram discuss Julia, the young general from Grantz, and the three witches. Josak eventually returns with a flyer for a job asking for people at the end of their lives.

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