Maken Kouryoku!?
Kanji 魔剣攻略!?
English Capture the Demon Sword!?
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 6
Page Count 16
Release Date October 24, 2006
Asuka Volume December 2006
Manga Volume Volume 3
Previous Chapter Chapter 16
Next Chapter Chapter 18

Back in the inn, Yuuri and Wolfram discuss Morgif. Wolfram reads from Günter's diary how it is activated by life force and prefers young women. Yuuri's then called a wimp, but isn't too upset about it, but it sparks another argument over their engagement, pride, and flirting.

During the night, Yuuri wakes up thirsty and hears voices coming through the closet wall. It's Conrad and Josak talking. Josak's discussing his concerns with the new king and how he wanted to test him to see how much he was like the previous maou in case they were throwing their lives on the line. Conrad orders him to stop, but Josak says he has no authority since he's merely the king's babysitter and no longer the Lion of Luttenberg. He also comments on something Conrad gave to Yuuri that would make the "young general of Grantz" angry.

Finally, we see Yuuri sneaking out of the room and into the cave where Morgif lies.

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