Senjou no Senjou!?
Kanji 船上の戦場!?
English ship battleground!?
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 5
Page Count 27
Release Date July 24, 2006
Asuka Volume September 2006
Manga Volume Volume 3
Previous Chapter Chapter 13
Next Chapter Chapter 15

Before Yuuri and Wolfram can act, Conrad returns to the room. He makes sure Wolfram has a sword and informs them that they're under a pirate attack. He instructs Wolfram and Yuuri to hide and he's going to keep them at bay on the deck. Of course both protest, but they end up getting shoved in a closet.

While hiding, pirates enter their room and look around. As they're about to leave, Yuuri bumps something which draws their attention. To try and deter them, he meows in hopes they'll just think it's a cat. Although, cats in the other world do not meow, they baa. Dangerous dragons, however, meow so the pirates go for reinforcements. Before they can, Wolfram bursts out of the closet and they end up getting captured.

On the deck of the ship, the pirates (in sailor girl outfits) are dividing the women and children away to be sold. Yuuri protests the concept of slavery.  Beatrice gets knocked overboard, but Yuuri is able to save her. She'd rather fall than be separated from her family. In the meantime, everyone's looking at Yuuri strangely and we see the image of a woman asking to be summoned.

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