Danpa de GO!?
Kanji ダンパでGO!?
English Go to a Dance!?
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 5
Page Count 24
Release Date June 24, 2006
Asuka Volume August 2006
Manga Volume Volume 3
Previous Chapter Chapter 12
Next Chapter Chapter 14

Conrad and Yuuri go to the fancy party. Yuuri is appalled at some of the manners the humans in this world have. Conrad makes Yuuri dance with him (Yuuri refuses to be the "girl") and they're interrupted by a woman with rather fabulous biceps who wishes to dance with Yuuri. The other women seem angry as they wanted to dance with Yuuri also. Yuuri is then approached by Hyscliff who asks him to dance with Beatrice.

After his dance with Beatrice, he has a contact slip loose and notices Conrad getting cozy with the woman that has impressive biceps. On his way back to the room, Yuuri encounters the kid that was being beaten earlier (Rick), who helps him look for his contact lens.

Back in the room, Wolfram is already angry at the potential that Yuuri danced with others and they argue over beauty and chastity before there's a sudden disruption. An iceberg perhaps?


Cover of August Asuka

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