Tabi no Tochuu
Kanji 旅の途中
English on the way
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 5
Page Count 20
Release Date April 24, 2006
Asuka Volume June 2006
Manga Volume Volume 2
Previous Chapter Chapter 11
Next Chapter Chapter 13

Yuuri and Conrad witness a kid being beaten and instead of interrupting as Yuuri would want to do, Conrad bribes the man to stop. Yuuri takes a moment to reflect on why he was chosen to become maou. Conrad is worried about Hyscliff, as he seemed to be upper class and practiced with a sword.

While preparing for a formal dance, Conrad helps Yuuri with his contact lens, which, to a half sleeping Wolfram sounds far more inappropriate than it is. Yuuri is nearly hit with a book in Wolfram's rage, which turns out to be an elaborated version of Günter's diary.

In Gwendal's castle, Günter is busy fortune telling, which not only creates a stench, but requires the sacrifice of a live kitten into hot oil. Here, we get to see Gwendal's love of animals.


cover of June Asuka

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