Anissina von Karbelnikoff
Anissina von Karbelnikoff
von ka-berunikofu kyou anishina
Character Details
Occupation Inventor
Nationality Shin Makoku
Race Mazoku
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Personal Status
Relatives Densham von Karbelnikoff (Brother)
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Takayama Minami
English Voice Michelle Ruff

Anissina von Karbelnikoff is known as one of the three great witches of Shin Makoku. Commonly known as Anissina the Red. She gave herself the title "Poison Woman". She belongs to one of the 10 noble families of the kingdom and her brother Densham rules their area.


She has red hair and blue eyes. Anissina is an inventor and is also Gwendal's childhood friend. She often uses him to test out her inventions and it is for this reason that Gwendal seems to fear Anissina. She is also the one who taught Gwendal how to knit and later Greta too. Aside from her inventions, she spends her time writing adventure story books involving herself as a super-heroine figure.


  • She is afraid of roosters.
  • She tutors Linsey von Wincott, the nephew of Suzanna Julia von Wincott.


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