Adalbert von Grantz
Adalbert von Grantz
von Gurantsu A-daruberuto
Character Details
Nationality Formerly Shin Makoku
Race Mazoku
Age Unknown (around 150)
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Debut Kyou MA
Manga Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Terasoma Masaki
English Voice Kirk Thornton

Adalbert von Grantz was one of the Ten Aristocrats.


Adalbert loved his fiancee, Julia dearly, and was willing to turn on those he called friends to avenge her death. And while he seems to have good intentions, he is ruthless.

Adalbert is the first important character that Yuuri meets in Shin Makoku. He is Julia's former fiancée and abandons Shin Makoku, as he feels that the way of the Mazoku is wrong. He believes that the Mazoku are simply pawns of Shinou.


Season 1Edit

When Yuuri first appears in their world, Adalbert saves him from the villagers throwing rocks at him. Conrad shows up, riding a horse, and fights him, while Yuuri is carried off by a kotsuhizoku. Adalbert retreats, but not before telling Yuuri he would come back to save him.

Keeping his word, Adalbert shows up to persuade Yuuri to join him. However when Yuuri refuses, Adalbert tries to attack instead. Gwendal shows up just in time, saving Yuuri, and scaring Adalbert away.

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